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Rick Henry

Richard C. Henry, P.G.


Senior Hydrogeologist

Rick began working in the hydrogeological industry in 1999 after graduating from Penn State University.  Aside from a three-year period from 2009 to 2012, Rick has worked on projects in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states since he began working as a hydrogeological professional. Over his career Rick has experienced being the field geologist collecting data, to being a project hydrogeologist and senior team member authoring many hydrogeological reports for regulatory review and consideration.  These projects ranged in scale from whole watershed studies with hydrogeologic modelling to more localized assessments of point source pollution.  Regardless of whether the project is seeking groundwater, interfacing with groundwater, or possibly negatively impacting the groundwater; Rick has worked with clients and regulatory agencies (PADEP and the SRBC) to produce technically sounds answers to the questions that arise at the beginning and throughout any project.

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