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Our Philosophy

Based in State College, PA, Meiser & Earl, Inc. operates on the philosophy that every aspect of a project should be performed by, or directly supervised by, experienced personnel. Meiser & Earl, Inc. also realizes that field work forms the basis of the project and is sensitive to proper execution, skilled observation and accurate record keeping. As a result, only experienced or closely supervised personnel perform field work at Meiser & Earl, Inc., thus assuring the client of a database that will withstand the most critical review. Meiser & Earl, Inc. takes time at the onset of projects to conceptualize the work, set realistic project goals and develop the necessary rationale for decision-making. With this approach, the project budget is conserved in two ways: (1) the client is assured of the job being performed correctly the first time and (2) overhead costs associated with "bureaucratic delegation" are avoided. Contact us today to learn more about our hydrogeologic services.

Our company sign crafted by Roger Pollock
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