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Mining Projects

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.

Meiser & Earl, Inc. performed a hydrogeologic investigation of the potential impacts of a proposed expansion of a limestone quarry in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.  Meiser & Earl, Inc. supervised the installation and testing of a high-capacity water-supply well for the quarry operations.  

Rock Rubble

Graymont (PA) Inc.

Meiser & Earl, Inc. performed aquifer testing for a potential water supply, evaluated regulatory permit conditions and conducted water monitoring for mine water discharges, and assisted in regulatory applications for groundwater withdrawals.

Stone Wall

Fisher Mining Company

Meiser & Earl, Inc. developed comprehensive groundwater monitoring plan and alkaline addition plans for mining operations in degraded and unreclaimed coal surface and deep mines; developed and evaluated macro invertebrate biomonitoring program to assess impact of remining and effets of manganese.

Rough Surface

Central Pennsylvania Slate Quarry

Meiser & Earl, Inc. conducted field investigations to evaluate the impacts of backfilling an abandoned slate quarry in eastern Pennsylvania on the groundwater quality.  The groundwater quality leaving the site area was assessed by collecting water samples from specially constructed wells and from pipes installed in test pits.  Soil sampling and pumping tests were also completed.  Remedial measures were proposed to alleviate groundwater quality concerns.  

Cracked Rocks
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