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Lena Fox

Lena M. Fox, GIT

Staff Geoscientist

Lena joined Meiser & Earl, Inc. following the completion of her M.S. Degree in 2022, transitioning her career goals from K-12 Education back to geology and hydrogeological studies. Lena holds a B.S. Degree in Geology from West Virginia University, and a M.S. Degree in Geology from Portland State University. Lena’s background includes a wide range of experiences from work in a variety of geologic settings, experience with secondary school education, and social media marketing. At Meiser & Earl, Inc., Lena brings experience in geochemistry, geographic information systems (GIS), technology, and geomorphology. Lena currently uses her skills to support clients in the water resources, mining, and municipal/residual waste sectors. Lena took part in academic research during both her undergraduate and graduate educations. As an undergraduate assistant to a Ph.D. student, she helped with remapping peat bogs in West Virginia. Her graduate research focused on geochemical and stratigraphic evaluation of Columbia River Flood Basalts in Eastern Oregon.

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