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Collin Littlefield

Collin R. Littlefield

Project Geoscientist

Collin earned a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences from Susquehanna University, graduating with research and departmental honors, and a M.S. in Geoenvironmental Studies from Shippensburg University. Collin joined the Meiser & Earl, Inc. team in 2017, where he has worked on Act 2 ESAs, groundwater supply rehabilitation and testing, groundwater supply development and permitting, geologic mapping, water quality monitoring and review for public water supplies, surface and deep mines, and landfills. His experience in groundwater quality monitoring includes sampling for new groundwater sources, MPA, and PFOS/PFAS analysis. He is certified in MSHA’s Part 48 surface at non-metal mines and has other OSHA and MSHA certifications. He also has experience in GIS software, wetland delineation, land trust conservation projects, and environmental education. Prior to joining Meiser & Earl, Inc., Collin gained experience at PA Topographic & Geologic Survey’s Core Library in sample preparation, database management, and maintenance of sampling equipment. He also assisted in the State’s geologic mapping program. Collin’s undergraduate and graduate research was in facies analysis and cyclostratigraphy of carbonates in PA.

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